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Asia-Pacific Population Journal Volume 26 was released in 2011.

  • Volume 26 No. 1
    • Viewpoint: Population Policy in the Pacific: Balancing Global Priorities with Local Imperatives. By Wadan Lal Narsey
    • Exploring demographic and socio-economic factors influencing utilization of integrated child development services. By Saswata Ghosh and Bidhan Kanti Das
    • Health status and health-seeking behavior of interprovincial and intraprovincial rural-to-urban young migrants in Nanjing, China. By Liying Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Hongmei Yang, Rong Mao and Qun Zhao
    • Household type and poor older persons in India. By S.K. Mohanty and R.K. Sinha
    • Consistency in reporting contraception among couples in Bangladesh. By Mohammad Amirul Islam
  • Volume 26 No. 2
    • Status, decision-making role and expectations of older persons in rural Maharashtra, India. By Dhananjay W. Bansod
    • Marriage and fertility dynamics in India. By Premchand Dommaraju
    • The effects of maternal nutrition and reproductive morbidity on waiting time to next conception in rural Karnataka, India. By T. Rajaretnam
    • Health-care decisions of older persons in India. By Homi Katrak
  • Volume 26 No. 3
    • Contraceptive (In)security in South-East Asia. By Rosalia Sciotino
    • Social impact of international migration and remittances in Central Asia. By Dono Abdurazakova
    • Economic activity in post retirement life in India. By Preeti Dhillon and Laishram Ladusingh
  • Volume 26 No. 4
    • Demographic transition in Southern Asia: challenges and opportunities. By Bhakta B. Gubhaju
    • Do slum dwellers have lower contraceptive prevalence rates? An analysis of current use patterns in Calcutta, India. By Mousumi Dutta and Zakir Husain
    • Mobility as development strategy: the case of the Pacific islands. By Donovan Storey and Vanessa Steinmayer
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