Asia-Pacific Population Journal Volume 24

Journal21 Nov 2009

Asia-Pacific Population Journal Volume 24 was released in 2009.

  • Volume 24 No. 1
    • The Fifth APPC Plan of Action, the ICPD Programme of Action and the Millennium Development Goals: Linkages, Progress and Challenges. By Rene Desiderio
    • Population and environment in Asia and the Pacific: trends, implications and prospects for sustainable development. By Kerry Richter, Akompab Ebainjuiayuk Benjamin and Sureeporn Punpuing
    • Population and poverty: the situation in Asia and the Pacific. By Gavin W. Jones
    • Some new insights into the demographic transition and changing age structures in the ESCAP region. By Naohiro Ogawa, Amonthep Chawla and Rikiya Matsukura
    • Towards gender equality in Asia and the Pacific: response, progress and challenges. By Trinidad Osteria
    • Reproductive health, including adolescent reproductive health: progress and challenges in Asia and the Pacific. By Dr. Raj Abdul Karim
    • Progress towards achieving the Fifth APPC Plan of Action Goals on International Migration. By Jerrold W. Huguet
    • Annex: Fifth Asian and Pacific Population Conference Recommendations for Action 
  • Volume 24 No. 2
    • HIV and AIDS stigma and discrimination in China: results from a national survey. By Karen Hardee, Benjamin Y. Clark, Victor Yuan, Tim Manchester, Amy Qi, Sarah E.K. Bradley and Zoe Shen
    • Women’s empowerment, sociocultural contexts, and reproductive behavior in Nepal. By Bina Gubhaju and Stephen A. Matthews
    • Levels and trends in child malnutrition in Bangladesh. By Sumonkanti Das, Md. Zakir Hossain and Mossamet Kamrun Nesa
    • Population ageing in the Pacific islands: emerging trends and future challenges. By Geoffrey Hayes 
  • Volume 24 No. 3
    • Viewpoint: The global economic crisis and its likely impact on population activities. By Gavin W. Jones
    • Meeting the goals of the ICPD Programme of Action: key challenges and priorities for Asia and the Pacific, Fifteen Years on. By K.S. Seetharam and Geoffrey Hayes
    • Linked response to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS: Capacity-building in Sub-Saharan Africa and lessons learned for Asia and the Pacific. By Wasim Zaman and Hairudin Masnin
    • Voices of Youth: A young person’s perspective on population, reproductive health and the ICPD. By S. Jacque Koroivulaono
    • Voices of NGOs: Progress accomplished since the International Conference on Population and Development: a perspective of Non-governmental Organizations. By Dr. Raj Abdul Karim
    • Annex: Asia-Pacific High-level Forum Declaration on Population and Development: Fifteen Years after Cairo