Asia and the Pacific: A Story of Transformation and Resurgence

Book6 Aug 2014

On the occasion of the 70th ESCAP Commission Session, ESCAP launched the publication, entitled “Asia and the Pacific: A story of Transformation and Resurgence”. It provides an analytical narrative of the transformation of the region, one infested with pervasive hunger and deprivation to the Asian miracle that lifted billions of human beings out of extreme poverty. It tells how the region from a periphery became the centre of gravity for the world economy.

This is a milestone, first-time history of seven decades of the regional commission’s chronicle of the region’s unprecedented economic and social transformation following the end of the Second World War as captured in the annual Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific (in short, the Survey). This publication showcases ECAFE/ESCAP’s contributions to shaping the policies and programmes on economic and social development in the Asia-Pacific region.

It clearly shows the ways in which the ESCAP research and analysis offered a balanced view of the changing development paradigm such as the relative roles of the state versus the market, export promotion versus import substitution and trickle-down versus growth with equity.

Given the emerging development priorities and strategies for the next phase of global and regional development beyond 2015, this publication provides a comprehensive reflection on these traditions and the vision of the United Nations secretariat for the future development of the Asia-Pacific region.