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Visualizing the regional transport network in Asia and the Pacific

ESCAP assists its member States in the development of transport infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific by supporting the Asian Highway and Trans-Asian Railway networks, as well as dry ports of international importance. They constitute an integral part of an efficient region-wide transport and logistics system that match intra-regional trade flows. However, the lack of information on the current state of the regional land transport infrastructure undermine the countries’ capacity to design and implement evidence-based transport infrastructure development policies. This has been underscored by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, where the lack of shared platforms with information on the state of the major transport corridors and border crossings hindered coordination and advances in common response to the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

In this context, ESCAP set up an interactive platform displaying the current extension of Asian Highways, Trans-Asian Railways networks and dry ports, as well as selected information on the features and operational situation of the main border crossing points and transport corridors along these networks. This platform is based on geographic information system (GIS) for better data presentation and visualization to allow a use of advanced technologies in analyzing the regional land transport connectivity. It will be used to facilitate information collection from the countries as well as other activities on regional transport connectivity in the future. The platform is under continued development with more information and parameters being added when ready. 

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