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Cleaner Use of Fossil Fuels

Energy transition to clean energy future is a long-term process, in this context natural gas will also play a role as a transition fuel and in addition the coal-to-gas switching trend is growing in some countries using coal as main consumption fuel.

In the power generation sector, gas as a flexible and rapidly dispatchable energy resource in integrating high penetrations of variable renewable energy such as wind and solar. Transport sector both road and marine have a great potential for future expansion of natural gas use.

Our Work supports on the role of natural gas in achieving SDG7 as well as on a better understanding of social, economic, and environmental impacts of expanding the use of natural gas in the fuel mix.

Researches development and policy dialogues on the role of natural gas in achieving SDG7 and the Paris Agreement in the region.

High-pressure iron storage

High-Pressure Iron Storage

Studies and discussion platforms have been conducted and facilitated in collaboration with partners, with the aim that the results will benefit to the member countries’ energy transition planning and strategies.