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Monitoring & Evaluation


Evaluation of the Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communications Technology for Development (APCICT)

The evaluation was to provide information for the Commission’s review of the Centre, including recommendations on how to improve the Centre’s substantive relevance and financial viability, in particular in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the preparation of the Centre’s medium-term strategic plan for 2021–2023. The evaluation comprised an assessment of the Centre’s performance as measured against standard evaluation criteria such as relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and the mainstreaming of gender and human rights. It also yielded recommendations for improving the results orientation and performance of the Centre.

APCICT evaluation
ESCAP Evaluations Highlights: findings, lessons learned, and actions taken

This biennial report presents key findings, lessons learned and recommendations from evaluations of ESCAP’s work in a more accessible and easier to read format. It covers both internal (commissioned by ESCAP) and external evaluations (conducted by the Office of Internal Oversight Services and Joint Inspection Unit) completed from 2017 and 2018. The internal evaluations include three subprogramme/thematic evaluations covering the work of a division, a regional institution and an intergovernmental platform and eight project evaluations covering the work of four divisions and two subregional offices.

Evaluation Highlights