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Evaluation at ESCAP

Evaluation at ESCAP complies with the regulations and rules of the United Nations Secretariat as put forth by the Secretary-General, which mandate that all programmes shall be evaluated on a regular, periodic basis. Similarly, ESCAP member States call for periodic evaluations of the secretariat's programme of work, including the work of divisions, subregional offices and regional institutions. On certain occasions, member States also mandate the secretariat through a resolution to conduct an evaluation of a specific theme or area of work in support of its decision-making processes.

ESCAP has a dedicated Evaluation Unit in the Strategy and Programme Management Division. It commissions about 10 evaluations of its subprogrammes and projects annually conducted by independent professional evaluators. It also supports external evaluations of ESCAP's programme of work conducted by the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) and Joint Inspection Unit (JIU). OIOS assessed ESCAP's evaluation policy, plan and related procedures as of high quality.

ESCAP evaluation reports

Report on evaluation activities of ESCAP to the Commission

ESCAP evaluation plans