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This report's overall objective is to undertake an analytical study on challenges and opportunities of electrification of public transport, focusing on ride hailing and two wheelers in cities of Indonesia. As well as to develop a national policy framework for electrification of public transport, outlining the key barriers and opportunities across the EV value chain in Indonesia, and targeted implementation measures. Specifically, the report's objective includes;

1. Review and analyse the existing trajectory of EVs in city public transport across Indonesia, identifying technology trends and infrastructure requirements.
2. Analyse the challenges and barriers to electrification of public transport – including the technical, financial, infrastructural, governance and regulatory aspects of these barriers.
3. Examine opportunities to couple renewable energy generation with charging of public transport EVs.
4. Identify opportunities to convert existing ICEs to EVs in terms of technical, financial and regulatory dimensions.
5. Based on the analysis, propose actionable recommendations to promote greater adoption of EVs in public transport.
6. Consider the lifecycle issues for EVs, in particular battery recycling.