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The Government of Sri Lanka is embarking on ambitious reforms to cultivate a resilient and sustainable economy. Central to this vision is the exploration of opportunities to engage the private sector as a catalyst for inclusive and sustainable growth.

In this context, inclusive and sustainable businesses (ISBs) emerge as pivotal players in offering scalable innovative solutions to tackle critical challenges, including the triple crisis in food, energy and finance, as well as ongoing climate change impacts. ISBs not only provide access to essential goods and services but also contribute to livelihoods and promote inclusivity in their operations.

The Strategy to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Businesses to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Sri Lanka contains an outline of key steps to ensure a coordinated and coherent approach to harnessing the private sector’s potential in driving inclusive and sustainable growth. Developed under the leadership of the Sustainable Development Council through collaborative, cross-sectoral and cross-agency consultations, the strategy is aligned with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Gaols (SDGs) in Sri Lanka.

The present background note offers in-depth insights and analysis to substantiate the recommendations and action points put forth in the strategy.

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