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In an era of rapid digital transformation, Asia and the Pacific is uniquely placed to leverage digital technologies to overcome sustainable development challenges. Already, the region is recognized as a dynamic hub for digitally driven innovation fueled by pioneering technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Finance, GovTech, and the Internet of Things. Yet to encourage further ingenuity and tap digital innovation to bolster the huge collective effort required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the region needs a plan.

To help shape a coherent, inclusive approach, this report examines existing digital innovations which have accelerated progress towards sustainable development and explores ways to build on their successes. It proposes a framework to understand the interlinkages between digital innovation and sustainable development, investigates current and emerging practices, explores how an enabling environment might be created and provides recommendations for regional cooperation. To achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a deliberate, strategic push is required. This report aims to inform this effort, which ESCAP stands ready to support every step of the way.