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The Sustainable Energy Transition Road Map for Chiang Rai Province has two main objectives. First, it aims to establish a scenario baseline for 2019-2030, considering the current policy settings. Second, it identifies the measures and technological options that could raise Chiang Rai’s efforts to align with the SDG 7 targets, national targets as well as achieving deep decarbonization of its energy system. The four scenarios are presented in this road

• The Current Policy scenario (CPS), which has been developed based on existing policies and plans and used to identify the gaps in existing initiatives in aligning with the SDG 7 targets and national targets and commitment towards the Paris Agreement; 

• The Sustainable Energy Transition (SET) scenario, which presents technological options and policy measures that will help the city to align its development with the SDG 7 targets and national targets;

• The Sustainable Transport strategies (STS) explore how the province can further transition its transport sector through a greater degree of mass public transport and electric vehicles usage.

• The Towards Net Zero (TNZ) scenario, the most ambitious scenario, looks at a pathway for moving towards a net zero society in the near future, through decarbonizing the electricity supply, fuel substitution and more ambitious electrification.

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