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Study shows Pakistan has relatively restrictive digital-trade policy environment. Removing trade obstacles on investment in digital sectors, digital goods, and services would serve Pakistan’s interest to fully utilize the opportunity brought by digital technology.  It will allow firms to seize digital trade opportunities and create productivity effects. The success of Pakistan in digital transformation will depend on whether the country can overcome the barriers to adopt the latest technologies made available through growing FDI and increase openness to digital trade and technology ideas.

It is important that domestic policies are complemented by the digital trade integration of Pakistan at multilateral, regional and bilateral level. Collaboration with international organizations for technical assistance and with the private sector to address specific and most pressing challenges is a priority. Participating in the new-generation FTAs could be an instrument to support advancements in digital trade and lift restrictions in some areas such as data flows, consumer protection, digital goods and IPR. In addition, Pakistan should consider engaging actively in the plurilateral discussions on the Joint Statement Initiative (JSI) on digital trade ongoing at the WTO level.

This series also include: National Study on Digital Trade Integration of Pakistan, and Regional Integration and Cooperation of Pakistan in Health-related Sector .

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