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Transport and logistics sector in Asia and the Pacific region is still at and faces challenges relating to high cost and suboptimal performance, including South Asia subregion. 

To improve transport connectivity, ESCAP continuously undertakes various study projects and initiatives aimed to support knowledge transfer and human resource development in the transport and logistics sector. This works includes promoting green and sustainability transport infrastructure and policies, as part of the overarching goal to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Bangladesh is a densely populated, mainly riverine country with long coastline situated at the Bay of Bengal. With an abundance of water bodies, Bangladesh can increase the use of inland waterways and coastal shipping as alternative mode of transport to complement the use of road and railway network. This would also means making the national logistics and supply chains greener and more sustainable.  In this connection, ESCAP facilitated the preparation of a Working Paper on “Mainstreaming inland waterways into national logistics network: national experience of Bangladesh”, which shares the lessons learned and potential for further reforms in this area.

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