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As part of its work on COVID-19 and freight transport connectivity and with the support of the UNDA project on “Transport and trade connectivity in the age of pandemics: Contactless, seamless and collaborative UN solutions”, ESCAP supports the adoption and expansion of digital freight operations, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and intelligent transport systems (ITS). 

A wide range of proven solutions can make road transport less reliant on physical contacts (contactless solutions) and less exposed to interruptions and costs of documentary and other checks (seamless).  ESCAP recent Study Report on “Seamless and Smart Connectivity Along the Asian Highway Network in the Time of  COVID-19”  shows that policy and technical solutions for seamless and smart connectivity along the Asian Highway Network already exist and many have been implemented by other regions or sub-sets of Asia-Pacific countries. 

Within this context, ESCAP has compiled a set of specific measures which can be implemented by member countries. The recommended measures address the operational challenges of international road transport (including land border crossings) in the face of future pandemics and crises, using new infrastructure development technologies and transport facilitation measures. 

This page offers an initial inventory of smart road solutions of relevance to COVID-19, presenting specific measures and offering technical background information, overview of potential benefits and implementations mechanisms.  The recommended measures are based on initiatives and positive international experience and are intended to improve the coordination and effectiveness of all stakeholders, both public and private, that are involved in the transport and logistics sector.