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The Asia-Pacific is highly reliant on fossil fuels. A key issue for the region is how to reverse its fossil fuel reliance, particularly on coal, in light of climate impacts and the sustainable development benefits possible through an energy transition to cleaner sources. The “Coal Phase out and Energy Transition Pathways for Asia and the Pacific’ report aims to provide insights into how the region can transition away from coal to a renewable based efficient energy system compatible with the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. 

The analytical framework of the study brings together a systematic review of literature and data to provide a background on the current situation, drivers of coal expansion in the region, options for a clean energy transition and the benefits of a transition to inform policy options. The report extracts data on coal share in power generation and capacity in the Asia Pacific, and provides analysis on the impact on greenhouse gas emissions at regional level. The paper also conducts a policy review to assess the proven policies in the region based on existing literature, to inform recommendations for governments in the region to adopt best practices.   



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