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Five years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, it is time for countries to step up their commitments to combat the climate crisis. Accelerating Implementation of the Paris Agreement in Asia-Pacific: A Guide for Policymakers is developed to support policy- and decisionmakers in understanding the need and identifying opportunities to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement and to provide tools, measures, policies, actions, and case studies that could be applied to their national circumstances and update of their NDCs during the review process. The existing NDCs take a first step in the direction of the fundamental objectives of the Paris Agreement. However, first assessments of their ambition outline that current measures are not sufficient to achieve the envisaged objective of reducing GHG emissions. A report by the UNFCCC Secretariat finds that aggregate emission reductions communicated in the initial round of NDCs do not fall within the range of least-cost 2°C scenarios defined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

This guide underlines that Asia-Pacific needs to scale up ambition and to improve planning for NDC implementation, using the six transformative actions of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 to frame specific challenges to accelerating climate action. These are Energy Transition, Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing, Industry Transition, Nature-based Solution, Cities and Local Action, and Resilience and Adaptation. Each section explains what the relevance is of each area to the Paris Agreement and how to accelerate action in each area. Potential opportunities and measures to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement are grouped along the categories Policy Coherence and Planning Processes, Finance and Regulatory Frameworks, and Capacity.


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