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This Guide has been developed as a call for action to mainstream climate change into national-level urban-related policy frameworks in Asia and the Pacific. Applying a flexible and non-prescriptive approach, national urban ministries and other urban stakeholders can apply suggested steps for mainstreaming based on their respective circumstances, under a Framework composed of “Phases” and “Elements” that serve as the building blocks of the mainstreaming process. The result of the mainstreaming process will be the formulation, adoption and implementation of a coherent policy framework with climate change concerns integrated into relevant urban policy elements (e.g. key principles, sectoral chapters, action areas etc.), depending on each country’s unique context. The Guide has primarily been developed for national level government officers that aim to mainstream climate change issues into their existing National Urban Policy. However, it can also be used to develop a new, climate-responsive National Urban Policy (especially in conjunction with the UN-Habitat publication “National Urban Policy: A Guiding Framework”). Governments may also find this Guide useful to mainstream climate change issues into other national-level urban-related policies, such as national spatial frameworks and sectoral policies etc., which collectively may provide a framework for integrated urban development, thereby implicitly serving the function of a National Urban Policy.