Workshop on Trade Facilitation and the Implementation of the WTO TFA

4 Jun 2015 to 5 Jun 2015
Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce relevant agencies and stakeholders in Myanmar to trade facilitation in general, and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement in particular. The importance of trade facilitation in the context of regional and global production networks and the National Export Strategy of Myanmar will be discussed. Tools needed to understand existing trade processes and procedures, and to rationalize and improve them, will be introduced, including relevant international standards. The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement will then be introduced, explaining how its implementation can support overall trade and customs reform in the country. Following a review of on-going trade facilitation projects and initiatives in Myanmar by the relevant government agencies and development partners active in this area, good practices and issues surrounding the establishment of a national trade facilitation committee (NTFC) will be introduced in support of the establishment and operation of an NTFC in Myanmar. The Workshop is organized by ESCAP at the request of and in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar.