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01 to 03 November 2016

Bangkok, Thailand

By invitation only

The purpose of this workshop is to guide the relevant stakeholders within the ministries of agriculture and regulatory agencies from the Asia-Pacific region through the key considerations and assessments required for implementing e-SPS certification systems, particularly for phytosanitary certificates. Participants will receive training on the relevant standards and systems; business process optimization of SPS certificate issuance; conducting needs assessment and implementation of the paperless systems for e-SPS.

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  1. Programme Workshop on Implementation of e-SPS and Automation for Agriculture Trade Facilitation 


  1. Session 2: Models and technical solutions for automation of SPS procedures in developing countries
  2. Session 3: Optimizing the procedures for sanitary and phytosanitary certification 
  3. Session 4: Conducting needs and feasibility assessments for automation of agricultural trade procedures
  4. Session 5: Preparedness assessments in practice: methods and lessons learned
  5. Session 6: Group Work Session
  6. Session 7: Implementation case studies 
  7. Session 8: Case studies on planning bilateral exchange of e-SPS: Approaches and lessons learnt
  8. Session 1: Why electronic SPS certification? 
  9. Session 9: Beyond e-SPS automation of other certificates and licenses for the agricultural trade facilitation


  1. Summary of Workshop on Implementation of e-SPS and Automation for Agriculture Trade Facilitation

for more information, please contact

Trade, Investment and Innovation Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]