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02 to 04 February 2015 | By invitation only

The subregional workshop on paperless trade facilitation for SMEs aims at building the capacity of Governments in South and Southeast Asia to better understand, identify and address trade facilitation and paperless trade measures that have a proportionally larger impact for SMEs, so the SMEs–specific ‘paperless’ measures can be integrated into national trade facilitation reforms and programmes. 

This workshop is organized by ESCAP, in cooperation with several other organizations such as UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), International Trade Centre (ITC) and the IFC/World Bank Group, under the United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade and Transport in Asia and Pacific (UNNExT) initiative.



  1. Programme for UNNExT workshop on paperless trade facilitation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


  1. Day 2: Innovative financing and ITC solutions - Inventory financing, value chain financing, crowd funding 
  2. Day 3: Case studies - Policy Framework for SME trade facilitation through ICT in Thailand
  3. Day 1: Paperless trade facilitation for SMEs across 9 Asian countries - Country Presentations
  4. Day 2: Secured transactions and movable collateral registries for SMEs
  5. Day 1: A framework for analysis: paperless trade facilitation for SMEs – part I
  6. Day 2: Single Window Development and Implementation Experience of Singapore
  7. Day 1: The Business Process Analysis at the core of trade facilitation
  8. Dav 3: Case study - Applications for SME trade facilitation beyond single window and the role of public-private sector partnerships: perspectives from KTNET
  9. Day 1: Group discussion: key issues and possible measures to overcome bottlenecks
  10. Day 3: Case study - Facilitating the "Buy" Process for SMEs: Development of E-commerce and Ebusiness Platforms to Facilitate Market Access and the Role of Governments
  11. Day 1: A framework for analysis: paperless trade facilitation for SMEs – part II
  12. Day 3: Case Study - Platforms for Paperless Trade Facilitation for SMEs in Myanmar
  13. Day 2: Introduction to Buy-Ship-Pay Model
  14. Day 3: Paperless Trade facilitation for SMEs in the agriculture sector
  15. Day 2: Group Discussion Guidelines 
  16. Day 2: Case Study - Trade Facilitation Initiatives Launched by Customs Administration of Bhutan
  17. Day 3: Case Studies - Innovative and Successful Deployment of ICT to facilitate traceability for SMEs in the agriculture sector. GrapeNet and TraceVerified

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