Second Regional Workshop on Harnessing Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

2 Nov 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

The Regional Workshop on Harnessing STI for Sustainable Development is a follow-up to the first workshop held on this topic on 6 August 2015. Following the earlier workshop, three consultancies were commissioned addressing specific issues in STI, including common frameworks and comparative analysis of STI capabilities of ESCAP member countries, modalities for regional cooperation and trade and investment dimensions of STI. The current workshop will review the first drafts of the consultants’ papers which will feed into the theme topic study for the Commission in 2016. The workshop would also contribute to outlining a programme a work for ESCAP in the area of STI. The workshop will be attended by experts and policy makers by invitation but is open in principle to all other interested participants who wish to observe the proceedings.

This event is being organized as part of the Fourth Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week, 2-6 November, 2015.
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