Regional Workshop on WTO and Regional Trade Agreements in South Asia: Negotiation and Implementation Challenges

14 Sep 2015 to 16 Sep 2015
New Delhi, India

ESCAP Trade & Investment Division (TID) and the South and South-West Asia Office (ESCAP-SSWA) jointly organized a Regional Capacity Building Workshop on WTO and RTAs in South Asia for enhancing the capacity of trade policymakers and negotiators of South Asian countries, especially the LDCs and create enhanced understanding of the challenges relating to negotiating and implementing the multilateral and regional trade rules to harness opportunities in global and regional markets.

The Workshop, hosted by ESCAP-SSWA in New Delhi from 14 to 16 September, 2015, examined key elements of South Asia’s participation in multilateral trade negotiations under the WTO as well as the ongoing free trade negotiations at the regional level. Participants were introduced to reform requirements and policy choices for furthering South Asia’s trade relations through both multilateral and regional trade fora. Eminent scholars and subject experts addressed the group, covering various topics including non-tariff barriers and trade facilitation reforms.
Besides serving as a capacity-building opportunity, the Workshop also provided a platform to share knowledge and experiences on trade policy making, drawing upon UNESCAP’s knowledge-pool on trade reforms at a broader Asia-Pacific level.