Regional Workshop on Energy Connectivity for Sustainable Development: Vision, Strategy and Initiatives

14 Dec 2015 to 16 Dec 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

ESCAP is organizing a Regional Workshop on Energy Connectivity for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific: Vision, Strategy and Initiatives at the United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand from 14 to 16 December, 2015.

Within the framework of Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration (RECI), ESCAP is promoting deeper cooperation and integration on trade issues and on infrastructure development including Transport; ICT; and Energy. The focus of this connectivity workshop involves developing a vision for regional energy connectivity based on national and subregional perspectives with a view to enhance sustainability of the power system and to enhance economic viability of connectivity initiatives and projects.

In addition to stock-taking of current barriers and potential bottlenecks at the national level, which may inhibit transboundary power trade and renewable energy integration within the region, a transboundary power trade survey prepared by the secretariat will be presented at this workshop so that participants can provide their inputs regarding benefits and barriers related to transboundary power trade specific to their home countries.

The long-term goals of this effort include the facilitation and acceleration of national policies aimed at furthering regional energy connectivity in order to increase the sustainability and reliability of power grids in Asia and the Pacific.