Regional Meeting of Pacific SDG Coordinators and Agencies on Implementation of the Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development

1 Nov 2017 to 2 Nov 2017
Apia, Samoa

At the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting in Samoa on 5-8 September, the Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development (PRSD) was adopted “to guide and consolidate the region’s efforts to implement and monitor the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, the SAMOA Pathway and the Framework for Pacific Regionalism”. The Pacific SDG Taskforce, set up to develop the roadmap, has the overall coordinating responsibility for the implementation of the PRSD and will need to have a firm understanding of its role and commitment to the tasks.

The PIF Leaders, at their recent meeting with the UN Secretary General, also “called on the UN to support the Pacific’s interest in strengthening implementation of their Roadmap, particularly through the development of Pacific-relevant statistics as well as meaningful accountability measures for partnerships under the SAMOA Pathway”.

This meeting of the National SDG Coordinators and Agencies, which is being held in Apia, Samoa on 1-2 November as well as a meeting on 3 November of the Pacific SDGs Taskforce will be the opportunities to:
1. Review the draft Implementation Strategy for the PRSD in the context of status of SDGs and SAMOA Pathway localization at country level and potential support needed by countries to meet their commitments under the 2030 Agenda, SAMOA Pathway, FPR and other regional and global undertakings
2. Confirm the indicator framework (bearing in mind the centrality of the FPR in contextualization as underscored by the PIF communique) as a basis for setting baselines/benchmarks to monitor the region’s sustainable development performance over the period 2015-2030;
3. Review the Pacific Regional reporting arrangements as agreed by PIF Leaders and links to national voluntary reviews, annual Asia Pacific SDGs Reporting and the UN SG’s SDGs Reports including approach and focus of the 2018 Pacific Sustainable Development Report);
4. Consider measures to ensure an effective Pacific engagement with the Asia Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development (APFSD) and the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)
5. Provide input into regional and global processes on inequality and migration.

In 2018, the PRSD will be in its initial stages of implementation when the HLPF and the APFSD will convene on the theme “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.” The HLPF review a different set of sustainable development goals plus SDG 17 every year and for the 2018 HLPF the following SDGs are up for review - water, energy, cities, responsible consumption and life on land as well as partnerships. APFSD is involved in this process and assisted with the review of the 2017 cluster of SDGs. Apart from the HLPF theme, the issues of inequality (including gender equality) and migration will also receive special attention given that they will be the focus of key regional and global meetings and reviews in 2018. The meeting will also consider the SDGs that have been prioritised for regional action in the PRSD.

Member States are also encouraged under the HLPF process to conduct regular and inclusive reviews of progress at the national and subnational levels which are country-led and country-driven. The proposed meeting in Samoa will benefit from the experience of other countries including Samoa and other small islands developing states which have undertaken or planning to conduct a national voluntary review under the HLPF. A key component to be finalized of the PRSD is the indicator framework and while this will be the focus of the Taskforce meeting on the 3rd of November, PIFS and SPC will be leading the discussion on the relevance of the draft indicator framework and issues relating to data needs.