Keeping the Momentum for Ocean Action

3 Jun 2020
10:00 AM, Bangkok time, Thailand

ASIA-PACIFIC WEBINAR – 3 JUNE 2020 (10:00 am Bangkok time)

The 2020 United Nations Ocean Conference has been postponed, but the substantive preparations for the Conference continue. Keeping stakeholders mobilized to bring their contribution and commitment will be critical in the lead up to the event. In preparation to the Conference, UN DESA is organizing a “Keeping the Momentum for Ocean Action” webinar series to bring perspectives from stakeholders from different sectors and all regions of the world in support to SDG 14 implementation.

This series of sectorial webinars will connect, mobilize and bring new ideas from stakeholders towards the preparation and outreach of the UN Ocean Conference, including the compilation of new Commitments of Ocean Action and progress on previous commitments. Webinars are being planned to mobilize youth, local and regional governments, Asia-Pacific stakeholders and the private sector.

UN DESA, in cooperation with the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), will mobilize stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region, share information and collect ideas and proposals on how to keep the momentum towards Ocean Action and the engagement of stakeholders in Asia-Pacific in the preparatory process of the UN Ocean Conference.
The thematic scope of the webinar will include some of the pressing environmental challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, in particular:

1. Plastic pollution: Considering the large volumes of plastic production and consumption in the region, stakeholders such as the private sector and individuals have the capacity to reduce the demand for plastics and catalyze a transformation in the plastic industry by changing social norms and shifting towards a plastic-free economy.

2. Ocean and Climate synergies: The discussion on the role of the ocean moderating climate change and the interlinkage between SDG14 and SDG13 embraces the active role of all stakeholders. The carbon footprint on land carries impacts on the ocean. All stakeholders, including those in landlocked countries, may mitigate this burden through changes in consumption and lifestyles in urban and rural areas on land, which would consequently benefit the ocean.

The virtual event will provide participants with an opportunity to exchange perspectives on the active role of stakeholders in advancing the 2030 Agenda and the ocean-related SDGs. The Asia-Pacific stakeholder webinar will begin with a keynote message from UNSG’s Special Envoy for the Ocean Peter Thomson, followed by a session with interventions from 2-3 key stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region. An interactive session will follow based on the ideas and challenges presented by the speakers.

The Asia-Pacific stakeholder webinar will be held on Wednesday, 3 June 2020, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am (Bangkok time). Other time zones can be checked here.

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For reference, you may download ESCAP's recent publication: Changing Sails: Accelerating Regional Actions for Sustainable Oceans in Asia and the Pacific