Inter-regional seminar on national statistical systems reviews in Small Island Developing States

1 Aug 2017 to 3 Aug 2017
Nadi, Fiji

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The inter-regional seminar on national statistical systems reviews in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), hosted by the Fiji Government and jointly organised by ESCAP, ECLAC and UNSD, builds on the recently concluded review of the national statistical system of the Maldives and other SIDS that have already conducted such an exercise. The Seminar stimulated an exchange of best practices and lessons learned among countries having similar circumstances and eventually enlighten other SIDS in the Pacific and the Caribbean that wish to undertake such a review in the near future. It was also expected that regional and sub-regional organisations would share after the seminar the outcome and conclusions with their respective member states that were not invited.

The following key objectives have been identified for the seminar:

a) To present and discuss sound institutional environments, governance and coordination mechanisms and programmatic tools that ensure a sustainable development of statistical capacities in line with the principles of official statistics and other global and regional recommendations.

b) To expose and discuss various options available for undertaking a review, and key considerations which need to be addressed for a review to be successful.

c) To share the approach adopted and main findings from the national statistical system review of the Maldives and invited countries who have undertaken a similar exercise, and hear from and provide advice to invited countries wishing to undertaking a similar exercise in the near future.

d) To share best practices and lessons learned on how to implement and monitor recommendations proposed in the final reports of national statistical systems reviews.

e) To share challenges and best practices in designing, implementing, monitoring and updating national strategies for the development of statistics and discuss how could national statistical systems reviews contribute to this process.