Fourth (4th) Session of the APTA Ministerial Council

13 Jan 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

The 4th session of the APTA Ministerial Council will be held preceded by the 50th session of the APTA Standing Committee on 11-12 Jan. 2017.
At its 4th session, the Ministers are invited to review the second amendment of the protocol to amend the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement as proposed by the APTA Standing Committee and sign the Protocol to amend the APTA in terms of welcoming Mongolia as a new member of APTA; Revised national lists of tariff concessions incorporating the 4th Round concession list; and APTA Rules of Origin. The Ministers are also invited to direct the future development of APTA concerning the launch of the new round of negotiations; APTA's place in the larger regional trade agreements landscape; and the establishment of the APTA Chamber of Commerce and Industry network. A Ministerial Declaration is expected to be adopted by the Ministers, as well as the date and venue of the fifth (5th) session of the APTA Ministerial Council will be decided by the Ministers. Also, during the inaugural session, there will be web launching of the APTA tariff concessions (MoPs), non-tariff measures (NTMs) and Rules of Origin (RoO) database by the Ministers.