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05 to 09 September 2016 | By invitation only

This workshop was organized by ESCAP in cooperation with Central Statistical Office, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India for discussion and building capacity to translate into concrete terms the proposed regional vision and action areas into sub-regional and national level actions.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. Provide participants with a clear understanding of the emerging SDG indicator architecture and links and implications to existing indicator-based monitoring frameworks1/ and building national statistical capacity to provide relevant data to monitor development progress;
  2. Facilitate consideration and formulation of national and sub-regional implementation strategies and actions of the proposed regional framework for action; and
  3. Support the development of appropriate indicator frameworks for SDGs implementation by equipping participants with knowledge, skills and tools needed for a systematic assessment and identification of data shortfalls due to inadequate disaggregation, reporting, financing and methodology.

1/ Including but not limited to national indicators under national development plans, subregional frameworks such as ASEAN or SAARC, and regional frameworks including UN ESCAP’s disability, CRVS.

for more information, please contact

Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) +81 43 299 9782 [email protected]
Statistics Division +66 2288 1234 st[email protected]
Subregional Office for South and South-West Asia +91 11 3097 3700 [email protected]