Digital Economy: Value Creation and Capture - Implications for Developing Countries

6 Sep 2019
New Delhi, India
By invitation only

The rapid spread of digital technologies is transforming economic and social activities, creating new opportunities but also increased risks of widening divides and income inequalities. UNCTAD’s – the Digital Economy Report 2019 – reviews recent trends and discusses policies for value creation and capture in the digital economy, notably with regard to ICT, digital entrepreneurship, data, skills, trade, competition, taxation, intellectual property and employment. It provides valuable insights aimed at supporting policymakers at national and international levels to ensure that no one is left behind by the fast-evolving digital economy.

The event will feature a presentation of the new UNCTAD Report, focusing on the growing importance of digital data and digital platforms, and implications for value creation and capture in developing countries. The presentation will be followed by a discussion and a question and answer session involving representatives from the Indian Government, the private sector and civil society. A flyer of the report is attached for your kind information.

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