Bazaar of Ideas - SDG Week 2017

30 Nov 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Join us for TED-Talk style presentations to meet social enterprises, business start-ups, community initiatives and think tanks and discuss their innovations for sustainable development!

On 30 November in the morning, ESCAP is hosting a Bazaar of Ideas at SDG Week 2017. In parallel sessions, speakers from the private sector, the science and technology community, youth and local leaders will present their initiatives and approaches to tackle environmental, social and economic challenges and provide innovative solutions for sustainable development.

Open to all participants, the audience is invited to join multiple presentations in three different rooms and to engage in interactive discussions with inspiring presenters. The Pavilion of Partnership on Level 1 provides an additional engagement space throughout the week.

Meeting Room F, Level 1
09.00 - Base Builds @Philippines: locally grown renewable materials to transform local communities
10.00 - EGBOK @Cambodia: training underserved young adults in hospitality, life-skills and sustainability
11.00 - WIEGO @India/Thailand: smart apps: voice, visibility and validity for the informal economy

Meeting Room G, Level 1
09.00 - Local Alike & HiveSters @Thailand: local experience with lasting impact: transforming community-based tourism
10.00 - Open Dream @Thailand: creating mobile applications for sustainable social impacts
11.00 - Upcycling the Oceans @Thailand: removing waste from oceans and islands in style to create sustainable clothing

Meeting Room I, Level 1
09.00 - Viro Technology @international: closing the loop of plastic waste: thermos conversion into fuel
10.00 - Begreening @Thailand: tackling waste from food containers through natural alternatives
11.00 - @Indonesia: synergizing adaptation and mitigation: climate smart coffee and bioenergy