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30 to 31 October 2012

The Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum (APTFF) aims to promote trade facilitation as an important component of a comprehensive strategy for national and regional development. 

The APTFF has been co-organized jointly by ESCAP and ADB and a growing number of partner organizations since 2009. It now attracts two to three hundreds participants from 30 countries each year. As such, it has become the main open regional platform to exchange information, experiences and practices for trade facilitation in Asia-Pacific, identify priority areas for regional cooperation and integration, and learn about new tools and services which can increase the efficiency of cross-border transactions. The Forum also intends to strengthen regional cooperation and coordination of Aid for Trade and related technical assistance and capacity building in trade facilitation. This year's theme is to enhance public-private collaboration for trade facilitation, paperless trade and cross-border connectivity."

In addition to regular panels and breakout sessions, the APTFF features an Exhibition on Trade Facilitation in parallel, to maximize information sharing on the works, practices, case studies and findings of trade facilitation service providers, researchers, as well as development/donor agencies, international organizations and government agencies.

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  1. Final Programme for APTFF 2012


  1. Private – Public Partnership Initiatives of KTNET for Cross-Border Paperless Trade 
  2. Yun, Soo-young, KTNET (Korea Trade Network)
  3. Acceptance of Electronic Documents 
  4. Central and East Asia Breakout Session 
  5. South-East Asia Breakout Session 
  6. Schedule
  7. The Way Forward for Regional Cross-border Paperless Trade - ESCAP Resolution 68/3 and implementation 
  8. South Asia Breakout Session 
  9. Enhancing Information Exchange in International Supply Chains
  10. Globally Networked Customs - "What, How, Why and When" 
  11. Trade Facilitation and Simplification of Customs Procedures in Turkey 
  12. Strengthening Customs and Business Partnership through AEO 
  13. Public-Private Collaboration in Single Window Implementation: Lessons and Experiences 
  14. Strengthening Roles and Contributions of the Private Sector in Trade Facilitation 
  15. Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade in Lao PDR 
  16. Trade Facilitation in Nepal "Priorities and Way Forward" 
  17. Efforts in Standardization of Trade Related Documents - Experience of Mongolia and People’s Republic of China 
  18. Trade-Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships in Myanmar 
  19. Trade Facilitation Initiatives in Sri Lanka 
  20. Public-Private Collaboration for Trade Facilitation : Lessons from Thailand - Thailand National Single Window 
  21. Trade Facilitation Promotes Energy Trade in South Asia Private Sector Perspective 
  22. Simplification of administrative procedures for trade 
  23. Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade - South East Asia: Preliminary Results 
  24. Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade - South Asia: Preliminary Results 
  25. Mongolia's Progress in Trade Facilitation & Paperless Trade & Role of Public-private Collaboration 
  26. Overview of Trade Facilitation and Business Process Analysis in SASEC Countries
  27. Enhancing Paperless Trade for SME Exports 
  28. Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade - Central and East Asia: Preliminary Results 
  29. SAARC Trade Promotion Network 
  30. E-trade and its Impact on SMEs: Case of China and Lessons for Asia Pacific Region 
  31. Sub-regional Trade and Its facilitation in Southeast Asia 
  32. The Commonwealth: 54 nations one community 
  33. ITC eChoupal: Integrating Farmers to the Value Chain 
  34. Development of Trade and Transit Corridors - The Role of Private and Public Sectors 


  1. Overview and Summary of Recommendations
  2. List of Participants for APTFF 2012

Side events

UNCEFACT Special Session.

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