Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum 2011

4 Oct 2011 to 5 Oct 2011
Seoul, Republic of Korea

The Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum (APTFF) aims to promote trade facilitation as an important component of a comprehensive strategy for national and regional development. The Forum provides an open regional platform to exchange information, experiences and practices for trade facilitation in Asia-Pacific, identify priority areas for regional cooperation and integration, and learn about new tools and services which can increase the efficiency of cross-border transactions. The Forum also intends to strengthen regional cooperation and coordination of Aid for Trade and related technical assistance and capacity building in trade facilitation.

In addition to regular panel and breakout sessions, the APTFF features an Exhibition on Trade Facilitation in parallel, to maximize information sharing on the works, practices, case studies and findings of trade facilitation service providers, researchers, as well as development/donor agencies, international organizations and government agencies.

Building upon the discussions, findings and recommendations from the two previous forums, the Asia Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum 2011, under the theme of “Trade Facilitation beyond Borders: International Supply Chain Efficiency,” focuses on how trade facilitation can enhance supply chain efficiency. Critical trade facilitation issues affecting the efficiency of regional and international supply chains will be discussed.