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15 December 2020 | Open meeting


The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging country mortality information systems in unprecedented ways, while also highlighting the necessity for accurate, timely and reliable mortality data. As the pandemic continues, countries are turning to stop-gap measures to collect reliable data in a timely manner, as well as using the pandemic as an opportunity to reassess and strengthen their CRVS system. The Stats Café highlighted Bangladesh’ experiences of using a rapid mortality surveillance system to provide a solid platform upon which they can build a universal and responsive death registration system in the future.


  • Gemma Van Halderen, Director, Statistics Division, ESCAP
  • Romain Santon, Regional Deputy Director, CRVS Improvement Program Vital Strategies
  • Anushka Mangharam, Technical Advisor, CRVS Improvement Program Vital Strategies
  • Mohammad Adnan Khan, Assistant Chief (Medical), Management Information System of Directorate General of Health Services, Bangladesh


  • Martin Bratschi, Deputy Director, Technical Implementation, CRVS Improvement Program Vital Strategies

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