ASEAN Economic Integration Forum 2017

14 Sep 2017 to 15 Sep 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is 50 years old this year. That is a milestone for a loosely constructed regional organization, which five countries created at the height of the Cold War, to have come this far. Since then, its member countries have transformed ASEAN into a rule-based entity encompassing almost all the countries in Southeast Asia.

Now, ASEAN is both the world’s sixth-largest market and third-largest labor force, and has been projected to become the fourth-largest economic bloc by 2030. Additionally, the group established the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) at the end of 2015 to create a single market and production base – facilitating even closer economic, political, social, and cultural cooperation.

The AEC is a work-in-progress and will be for many years to come. A key challenge in the development of the AEC is how to promote and achieve equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth so that ASEAN remains relevant for the next 50 years.

Forum 2017 tackles this challenge by looking at the following considerations: engaging community, empowering women, enabling youth, positioning business, connecting ASEAN partners, embedding industrial revolution 4.0 and framing sustainable development goals with a focus on relevant research, effective policies and dynamic business.

Speakers and panellists are ASEAN and global leaders from community, academia, government and business committed to a successful AEC that benefits all ASEAN.

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