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07 September 2017

The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Article 7.9 calls for Member States to provide for the release
of perishable good in the shortest time possible provided that all the regulatory requirements are
met, in order to avoid loss and deterioration of the perishable goods. The perishable nature
(temperature and time-sensitive) of agricultural products requires additional requirements and
strategies to ensure that trade in these products facilitated efficiently and effectively. This workshop
will also outlines some measures required before the border including enhancing supply chain and
logistics; building SPS capacity and meeting food safety and quality requirements for cross-border
trade. Innovative practices through streamlining procedures and the implementation of automation
and electronic certification also pose potential to facilitate the clearance and release of goods in the
shortest time possible. Therefore, this workshop seeks to provide showcase some innovative
strategies and case studies for facilitating trade in agricultural products in the context implementing
provisions of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.


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