Advocacy Forum on Facilitating Migration Management in North and Central Asia

28 Jun 2016 to 29 Jun 2016
Almaty, Kazakhstan

The "Advocacy Forum on Facilitating Migration Management in North and Central Asia" was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from 28 to 29 June 2016.

The Forum brought together experts from Governments, academia and civil society from the countries of the North and Central Asia subregion to enhance the understanding among policymakers in North and Central Asia of policy options to enhance the effectiveness of migration management in North and Central Asia, and identify priority areas for action to achieve the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals related to international migration. In particular, the forum addressed how migration management can be streamlined to ensure that:
• Rules governing international migration are effective and in line with international standards;
• Migrants are able to maximize their contributions to the development of countries of destination;
• Migrant workers are equipped with the appropriate skills; and
• Data sources on migration are regularly-updated, reliable, and publically-accessible

The Forum aimed to identify a set of indicative priority actions to help guide policymakers in reforming laws, policies and procedures around international migration to ensure that they maximize the development benefits of migration for all parties.

The Advocacy Forum was organized as part of the project on "Facilitating Migration Management in North and Central Asia", funded by the Russian Federation.