Advanced Regional Government Procurement Workshop for Asian Economies

13 Jan 2015 to 15 Jan 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

The theme of this Workshop is: "Government procurement as a tool for trade and development: Relevance of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) and policy considerations for Asian economies."

The purpose of the Workshop is to provide a forum for both trade and procurement experts to exchange information on national, bilateral, regional and multilateral trade-related activities and initiatives in the area of government procurement. The main objectives of the programme are: (i) to familiarize participants with WTO activities on government procurement, notably as they relate to trade, governance, economic performance and development; (ii) to elaborate the content of, and the benefits and challenges of accession to, the Agreement; and (iii) to explore the interaction between GPA disciplines and bilateral / regional trade agreements in the Asian region.

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