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11 June 2024, 09:00 - 10:30 New Zealand Daylight Time | By invitation only

This session seeks to introduce participants to Trade Intelligence and Negotiations Advisor (TINA - and Legal TINA ( The session will be held during 2024 ASEAN New Zealand Trade Academy, 10-14 June 2024, organized by the Waikato Management School in collaboration with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

TINA is an online tool designed to assist trade policymakers, as well as researchers and consultants supporting them, to carry out many of the analytical tasks commonly conducted in preparation for negotiation. These tasks require specialized analytical and data management skills and are time consuming when performed manually: TINA automates such tasks, enabling countries with limited resources to benefit from the same level of preparation as those afforded by larger economies. TINA has been developed in close consultation with current and former members of trade negotiation teams throughout Asia and the Pacific, developed by a team of trade economists, coders and web application programmers using state of the art methodologies and technologies.

Legal TINA is an extension of the original TINA, providing guidance and analytical capabilities to develop the text and legal provisions of trade agreements. It allows users to explore the basic legal framework of trade agreements through questions on specific trade-related issues, helping negotiators to narrow down formulation of provisions based on priorities and needs. It also enables users to easily search and compare texts of existing trade agreements, making it easier to understand what text may be most acceptable to negotiating parties involved and what more ambitious provisions may be proposed.

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