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World Sustainable Transport Day 2023

ESCAP is commemorating November 26, 2023 as the first World Sustainable Transport Day with the launch of knowledge products and awareness raising tools, as well as dedicating a number of activities to enhancing the knowledge of the public on sustainable transport issues.

Recognizing the important role of safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all in supporting sustainable economic growth, improving the social welfare of people and enhancing international cooperation and trade among countries, the General Assembly decided, in its resolution A/RES/77/286 of May 2023 to declare 26 November as World Sustainable Transport Day. Through the resolution, the General Assembly invited all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system, international and regional organizations and civil society to mark World Sustainable Transport Day by means of education and the holding of events aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the public on sustainable transport issues. In particular, the General Assembly called for focus on enhancing intermodal transport connectivity, promoting environmentally friendly transportation, and developing socially inclusive transport infrastructure. 




Transport lies at the heart of sustainable development. The sector accounts for about one-quarter of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and is at a crossroads. It is a challenging sector to set on a sustainable, low-carbon pathway. At the same time, the world recognizes the important role of transport in supporting economic growth, facilitating global supply chains, enhancing international cooperation and trade, in connecting people and communities to jobs, schools and health care and in the delivery of goods and services to rural and urban communities, thus providing all with equal opportunities and leaving no one behind.

The UN Regional Commissions undertake regulatory work and policy research, provide platforms for dialogue and knowledge sharing and leverage regional cooperation to spearhead initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainable, socially inclusive and resilient transport systems in the regions. In line with this mandate, the UN Regional Commissions are commemorating the first World Sustainable Transport Day with this overview of our work on selected topics of sustainable transport.

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