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24 to 25 May 2023 | By invitation only

In 2023, one in seven people are aged 60 years or older in Asia and the Pacific. By 2050, one in four people are projected to belong to this age group. In Malaysia, about 12 per cent of the total population are currently 60 years or older. By 2040, that number is projected to increase to about 18 per cent.

This demographic shift, coupled with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, COVID-19, and environmental changes, will impact the labour force and necessitate investment in skills, employment, and age-friendly work environments.

To address these issues, ESCAP and the Employees Provident Fund of Malaysia are co-organizing a national workshop on strengthening older persons’ labour force participation and harnessing the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Asia and the Pacific.

This workshop aims to facilitate policy dialogue among various ministries, public and private sectors, civil society organizations, academia and international organizations.

Participants will discuss the implications of population age structure changes for sustainable development and explore challenges and opportunities for older individuals and the future of work.

for more information, please contact

Social Development Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]
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