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08 May to 15 June 2023 | Open meeting

COVID-19 has brought significant disruption to international trade and has revealed countries’ reliance on ad-hoc unilateral actions in response to crisis. Both trade restrictive and trade facilitating measures have been taken to combat the pandemic, but overall, their effectiveness has been undermined by lack of coordination. This course, co-organized by ESCAP and ECA, aims to build capacity of stakeholders on developing trade agreements that can promote greater preparedness and resilience of parties when faced with future pandemics and crises, especially for French-speaking countries in Africa.

The deadline for the registration is 30 April 2023.

The course is based on material developed as part of the UN global Initiative on Model Provisions for Trade in Times of Crisis and Pandemic in Regional and Other Trade Agreements (IMP), notably the UN Handbook on Provisions and Options for Trade in Times of Crisis and Pandemic. ECA made the effort to translate the handbook into French.

for more information, please contact

Trade, Investment and Innovation Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]
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