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21 to 25 March 2022 | By invitation only

Welcome to Week 4!

This week we focus on the practical implementation of thematic bonds and enablers to bond issuance.  This week’s video session include:

4.1         Ms. Sanaa Mehra, Director and Head of Sustainable Debt Capital Markets Team Europe, Middle East and Asia, Citi Bank (13 min): video

This session provides a deeper look at the role that commercial banks play within the bond issuance process including an explanation of some commonly used terms in the bond issuance process and the issuance timeline with key milestones.

4.2        Ms. Alicia López Villamar, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Accelerator Lab, UNDP Mexico (22 min): video

This session provides practical and detailed insights into the enabling environment that is required for a successful thematic issuance and key learnings from UNDP’s technical support to Mexico’s Government during the issuance of the first Sovereign SDG Bond Framework.

4.3         Mr. Zainal Izlan Zainal Abidin, Deputy Chief Executive, Securities Commission Malaysia and Member of the ASEAN Taxonomy Board  (20 min):  video

This session discusses taxonomies, specifically what a taxonomy is, why it is important and the process, considerations and lessons learned for establishing a taxonomy. This session uses the ASEAN taxonomy as a case study example.

4.4         Ms. Tenke Zoltani, Debt Capital Markets Specialist, Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP (11 min): video

This session provides a recap of the role that the UN system and UN Agencies can play in supporting governments in each step of the thematic bond issuance process.


Additional Learning Content:

The role of UN Common Country Analysis (CCA) in designing the SDG/Thematic Bond Frameworks in Countries – Please find attached a short note on the role that CCA’s can play to supporting the design of SDG/Thematic Bonds prepared by the UN Development Coordination Office SDG Financing Team.

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