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27 July 2021

Virtual Meeting
Lao People’s Democratic Republic

By invitation only

Virtual Workshop on Stakeholder Consultation and Capacity Building on the National Expert SDG Tool for Energy Planning (NEXSTEP) for the SDG 7 Roadmap for Lao PDR


The Energy Division, in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, has been developing the SDG 7 roadmap for Lao PDR. Several months into the development process, several scenarios for the roadmap have now been developed based on data and information provided by the Department and other stakeholders. A stakeholder consultation workshop will be held on the 27th of July, to seek suggestions on the energy transition scenarios from energy experts and planners. These valuable comments will guide the final stage of this collaborative process – SDG 7 roadmap development for Lao PDR.

Additionally, the Energy Division will take this opportunity to provide capacity building to fellow stakeholders in developing SDG 7 scenarios using the NEXSTEP tool developed by the Division, as well as the Low Emissions Analysis Platform (LEAP).

for more information, please contact

Energy Division +66 2 288 1234 [email protected]
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