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30 September 2021

Virtual Meeting, MS Teams: 12:00 -16:00 hours (Bangkok time)

By invitation only

Third PPP Network Flyer

Based upon the interests and suggestions raised by the member States during the Second Thematic Workshop, ESCAP is organizing the subsequent Third Thematic Workshop with a more specific focus on the digital healthcare sector and telecommunications sector on strategies to uptake cost effective telemedicine innovations in rural, remote and disaster-prone areas in Asia and the Pacific region. It will also provide capacity building to PPP units to advance pilots and projects to build more resilient ICT infrastructures to ensure that no one is left behind. 

In this regard, ESCAP partners with the China Public-Private Partnerships Center (CPPPC) under the Ministry of Finance and Asian Development Bank (ADB) will hold the Third Thematic Workshop to realize the promise of telemedicine in rural and remote areas via more resilient Information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure development. ESCAP is committed to addressing key challenges in preparing bankable infrastructure projects and implement concrete solutions to financing quality infrastructure that is inclusive, sustainable, and resilient.

The main sessions of this workshop are as follows:

I. Discuss pathways to advance telemedicine innovations, and building more resilient ICT infrastructure in the face of disaster vulnerability

II. Elaborate development partner strengths and call upon private sector expertise

III. Share best practices from the region

IV. Elaborate the role that PPP needs to play to move this work forward

for more information, please contact

Trade, Investment and Innovation Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]
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