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04 November 2021, 09:00 - 11:00 UTC +7 | Open meeting

Co-Organized by United Nations ESCAP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

As of 1 January 2021, trade preference to Mongolia under the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) became effective from all APTA members, except India. Since Mongolia’s trade with APTA Participating States accounts for 90% of her exports and 30% of her imports, accession to APTA could have a significant impact even with the currently limited scope of tariff concessions. To raise awareness of APTA and promote its utilization by the private sector, including the media, businesses, and chambers of commerce, United Nations ESCAP is organizing a second workshop in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, following the workshop held in October 2020. This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to learn about APTA, its potential benefits, and the practical experience with its utilization in other Participating States.

 * Simultaneous English-Mongolian interpretation will be provided.

04 Nov 2021
Opening Remarks
  • Ms. Rupa Chanda, Director, Trade, Investment and Innovation Division (TIID)/ESCAP
  • Mr. Gonchig Ulziisaikhan, Director General, Trade and economic cooperation department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia
  • APTA overview, Yern Fai Lee, TIID/ESCAP
  • FTA utilization strategy of Korea Customs Service, Youngho Joo, Assistant Director, FTA Implementation Division, Korea Customs Service
  • Implementation of Tariff Discounts in Mongolia, Narandari Altantuya, Trainer/Customs officer, Media, Training and Research center, Customs General Administration of Mongolian
  • Use case of APTA and Issuing the Certificate of Origin, Tserendorj Khulan, Senior officer at the Customer Service Department, Mongolian Chamber of Commerce
  • Rules of Origin and Operational Procedure for the Certification and Verification of Origin of Goods under APTA, Jiayun Chen, Deputy Director, Division of Rules of Origin, Department of Duty Collection and Yuhua Zhang, Senior Official, Section of Rules of Origin, Customs National Supervision Bureau for Duty Collection (Shanghai), China General Administration of Customs
Q&A session
Closing remarks

for more information, please contact

Trade, Investment and Innovation Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]
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