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20 to 21 December 2021 | By invitation only

E-commerce business transactions have been on a rise in the country and the outbreak of COVID-19 has also led to an exponential increase in e-commerce business in the region. This has provided a huge opportunity to women entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges faced and explore the global and regional markets. It can be a powerful tool for bringing in greater gains to women entrepreneurs since it addresses the outmoded barriers of geographic isolation and limited access to information and financing along with empowering women entrepreneurs socially and economically. Promotion of women entrepreneurship will bring many positive ripple effects including its ability to boost job creation, alleviate poverty and thus facilitating inclusive and sustainable growth.

Keeping this in view, this training is being organised to enhance the knowledge and capacity of women entrepreneurs to use e-commerce platforms to expand their business exports and participate in local, regional and global supply chains.

for more information, please contact

Subregional Office for South and South-West Asia +91 11 3097 3700 [email protected]
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