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24 November 2021, 14:30 PM - 17:00 PM UTC +7 | Open meeting

14 TWG

The TWG held its 14th virtual meeting on Wednesday, 24 November 2021, at 14:30 – 17:00 hours, Bangkok time. It was the 3rd workshop on Coordinating the DRSF Business Process.

The main objective of the workshop, the TWG members were able to:

  • understand how establishing the business process (mainly involving the NSOs and NDMOs as principal agencies) in the form of committees, task force or working groups, and other institutional stakeholders
  • facilitate the sharing of responsibilities among relevant agencies under the framework; contributing to the joint development of standard classifications and systems, and
  • perform more disaster-related data specific tasks, including among others, cooperative data collection; exchange of information and best practices; and technical assistance and common training initiatives.

More specifically, the workshop aimed:

  1. to review the division of labour among DRSF stakeholders
  2. to analyze the institutional arrangements necessary to establish DRSF
  3. to propose DRSF coordination structure and mechanisms aims

24 Nov 2021
Opening Session: (10 minutes)

TWG Chair: Ariunaa Chadraabal

  • Welcome Remarks
  • Highlights of previous workshop
  • Objectives of the present workshop/li>
Trigger presentations (55 minutes)
Activity Remarks
1. Country level coordination for disaster-related statistics (15 minutes) Ms. Iria Touzon Calle, Programme Management Officer, UNDRR Regional Office, Asia and the Pacific
2. Indonesia One Disaster Data: Institutional Mechanisms (15 minutes) Mr. Ateng Hartono, PhD, Deputy Director, Social Resilience Statistics Division, Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), Indonesia
3. Post Disaster Needs Assessment: A multi sectoral approach (15 minutes) Senior Statistician, Environment Statistics, Social and Environment Section Division, National Statistics Office, Vanuatu
Q&A (10 mins)
Discussion (45 minutes)
Activity Remarks
Participants will be assigned to three break out rooms by random using MS Teams. The participants will provide inputs to the topic assigned to the group. After the discussion, the participants will automatically be transferred back to the main room.


  • Group 1. Ranjith Weerasekara
  • Group 2. Maria Talento
  • Group 3. Virginia Bathan
  • Each sub-group will choose a notetaker/ rapporteur who will report on the group’s outputs

    Briefing on the workshop and Group Discussions: Puji Pujiono

    Discussion topics:

    • Group 1: Country level sectoral agencies division of labour
    • Group 2: Comparison of the different coordination platform models
    • Group 3: Group 3: Inter-agency data flow diagrams
    Back in the main room (40 minutes)
    Activity Remarks

    Group reports

  • Group 1. NSO - NDMO complementary roles other Stakeholders’ responsibilities
  • Group 2. Determining the appropriate coordination platform
  • Group 3. Key principles of DRSF interagency coordination
  • Each sub-group will choose a notetaker/ rapporteur who will report on the group’s outputs

    Facilitator: Puji Pujiono

    Rapporteurs will present the highlights from the breakout rooms’ discussions:

    • Group 1: Rapporteur
    • Group 2: Rapporteurs
    • Group 3: Rapporteur
    • Synthesis of the reports
    • Way Forward
    Puji Pujiono
    Closing Session (5 minutes)

    TWG Chair: Maria Talento

    • Other matters
    • Closing Remarks (Next meeting: Wednesday, 15 December 2021)

    for more information, please contact

    Statistics Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]
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