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01 March 2021 | By invitation only

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) constitute the majority of the firms in the Asia-Pacific economy. As such important providers of employment, goods, and services, the wellbeing of these enterprises and the problems they face are of keen interest to policymakers.

In March 2021, ESCAP will convene the first meeting of a new network of policymakers that brings together government officials with specific responsibilities for MSME policy. This network will be oriented toward sharing experiences of the MSME policies being implemented in the region, bringing attention to the successes, and finding ways to enhance the vitality of this important sector.

The inaugural meeting of the network will discuss the current state of MSME participation in the digital economy. While the digital economy has revolutionized some aspects of commerce, many MSMEs still have trouble fully utilizing all the benefits that new e-commerce, fintech, and trade technologies can bring. Participants in the meeting will discuss the current efforts of policymakers to improve MSME access to digital technologies, and strategies for ensuring that government policy provides the right environment for MSMEs to take up the new opportunities that these technologies present.

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