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01 July 2021 | By invitation only

This (closed) Expert Group Meeting is being held to discuss draft of the Policy Toolkit for Maximizing Outward Foreign Direct Investment for Home Country Sustainable Development. The Toolkit was created to address a growing need for more knowledge and better information on the home-country effects of OFDI, the home-country measures introduced by governments to regulate, manage, facilitate and promote outward investment, and the corresponding sustainable development implications. Such growing need for more knowledge and better information has emerged in particular in recent years especially as OFDI from developing and emerging economies has grown in recent year and generated more home country sustainable development effects (see for instance Despite this, there is a considerable information gap in terms home country measures that governments have and can deploy to leverage home country effects from OFDI for positive developmental outcomes. This Toolkit has been created to rectify this knowledge deficit on home-country effects and measures. It collects and consolidates existing governmental practices on the use of home country measures, categorises the different types of measures available to governments, and examines how they can be targeted at specific companies, sectors and OFDI activities and be leveraged for sustainable development.

The Toolkit has been developed for policymakers, international organisations, companies, analysts, researchers and other stakeholders with an interest in OFDI, its effects and associated policies and measures. It is expected to inform government policy, international cooperation, technical assistance, capacity building and ongoing research on OFDI. It is also expected to contribute to aligning the operations of multinational enterprises with sustainable development priorities of both home and host countries.


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