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17 December 2021, 10:00 - 11:15 UTC +7 | Open meeting

We wanted to offer something exceptional for the last webinar of 2021, the second year of networking and working almost entirely virtually. That is why we invited Professors Anthea Roberts and Nicolas Lamp, the authors of “Six Faces of Globalization: Who Wins, Who Loses and Why it Matters,” recently published by Harvard University Press. This book has received high praise from readers who identify as winners as well as those who identify as losers. In words of Dani Rodrik, the book “helps us not only understand the best version of other sides’ narratives but also move beyond our own conceptual straitjackets.” The authors look at complex issues through dragonfly eyes, allowing us to see many facets of debates and challenges that globalization has faced for some time and intensely since the start of the pandemic. The authors hope that this approach “will enable us to understand not only where we have come apparat but also how we might come back together.” We share that hope!



Anthea Roberts, Professor, School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University

Nicolas Lamp, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Queen’s University, Ontario


Mia Mikic, Advisor at Large, ARTNeT and Fellow, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

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